Project & Change Management

Businesses need to constantly change and evolve to survive, grow and remain profitable. Therefore, processes, workflows, systems and organisational structures must change too.

The Write Analyst offers a truly independent project and change management service and has no ties to any technology or financial vendors.

We have worked on all aspects of the project management cycle and taken strategic leadership roles to direct process changes and run projects. If requested, we can employ or set up teams and manage staff directly. We can either work alone reporting to your sponsors or stakeholders directly or can supplement your existing team.

How will we do it?

Define the project

  • Negotiate and define the project goals, objectives, scope, risks, issues, budget, timescale and approach.
  • Get agreement from stakeholders and project sponsors.

Initiate the Project

  • Document the business case and explain project implementation.
  • Define the expected benefits and ensure stakeholders and project sponsors understand and agree on project requirements and expected outcomes.


  • Plan and prepare scope, work breakdown, project schedule, resources, budgets, procurement schedules.
  • Identify and plan for possible risks and have contingency plans and mitigation strategies in place.
  • Confirm all parties agree to the project’s quality standards.
  • Get agreement from all project stakeholders and project sponsors on the communication strategy to be used.


  • Plan and supervise the teams work.
  • Ensure work is being carried out to plan, and forecasts are regularly re-assessed.

Monitoring and Control

  • Set up very regular reporting on progress, risks and issues.
  • Pro-actively manage the expectations of management, stakeholders and sponsors – no one likes nasty surprises!


  • Get final sign-off for the product or service and go-live.
  • Review project success and failures and learn lessons that will assist in planning with future projects.

Change Management

Your staff will be impacted as your business changes and evolves. Managing the people-side of change is vital to achieving the required business outcomes.

The Write Analyst can assist with:

Planning for changes

Work out what process will work best to navigate the change.

Managing the change

All improvement involves change, but not all change brings improvement! Make sure yours does!

Reinforcing the change

Bring people with you! Explain changes and work collaboratively.

Writing and running training seminars for staff

Make it as easy as possible for new and existing staff to learn about the changes, why they are happening, and what is expected of them the change has happened.

How will you benefit?

Profits are eroded when projects and changes experience delays due to a lack of planning, unforeseen risks occurring, or poor project and change management processes.

When projects and change management are done well, the organisation should see the positive return on investment (ROI) they were expecting.

Taking a disciplined approach to project and change management will pay off with regards to time, money and resources. Your organisation will experience lower costs, greater efficiencies, happier stakeholders and sponsors and greater competitive advantages.

Useful documentation

Our documents and reports will be:

  • professional, useful and accurate,
  • written in a way that makes complex ideas or problems easy to understand,
  • concise and based on the scope or brief given to me.

We are trained in technical writing and are fully conversant with documenting:

  • processes,
  • workflows,
  • procedures,
  • policies,
  • business requirements,
  • business continuity plans,
  • project requirements, test plans, standards and deliverables,
  • web content, and
  • training needs.