The Write Analyst provides effective solutions and support that will assist your business to grow, innovate and prosper. We will take the time to understand your business so that we can then review, analyse, solve and document the process, project, problem or solution for you.


1.   Operational Business Analysis and Risk Management

  • Improve straight-through processing rates,
  • Reduce processing errors,
  • Update or overhaul workflows,
  • Segregate duties to reduce fraud,
  • Improve management reporting,
  • Help train staff in new systems, policies and procedures,
  • Assist with running tenders and other back-office financial functions.

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2.   Project and Change Management

  • Research and define project goals, objectives, scope, and risks,
  • Prepare and get agreement and buy-in from stakeholders for scope, budgets, and timescales,
  • Create project plans,
  • Monitor project progress, review budgets and ensure key milestones are reached,
  • Set up and generate reporting on issues, risks, and project progress,
  • Communicate and report to stakeholders and sponsors,
  • Help staff adapt and transition to the new processes, job roles, or systems,
  • Write and run training sessions,
  • Complete the project and provide post review.

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3. Technical Writing and Documentation

We are trained in technical writing and are fully conversant with researching and documenting processes, workflows, procedures, policies, plans, requirements and proposals, project scopes, technical web content and training needs.

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Communication and Leadership

We have taken strategic leadership roles to direct process changes and run projects. We enjoy working collaboratively with others and have many years of experience managing the expectations of stakeholders and sponsors. When requested, we have employed and set up teams and managed staff directly.

We can either work alone reporting to your management team or stakeholders directly or can supplement your existing team. Either way, we will work collaboratively to ensure the best outcome for your organisation.

Industry Experience

Our experience is largely related to the Banking, Finance and the Property sectors. However, we have also worked in the engineering, IT and manufacturing fields and successfully run businesses in London and New Zealand.